Some 2016 Tour photos

Have a look at what we got up to. And if you have more pics to upload, simply email them to us at


The brilliant Boland Nine


Scenes from the Boland


Yes, we had a lot of fun


Group riding


And some individual shots


See you next year.


Tour de Boland DC Teams – Are you interested?

We are planning to enter a few Tour de Boland teams into this years’ Coronation Double Century – together with a training camp during the week prior to the event. This will have you in peak condition for the race, with a thorough appreciation for the route, as you would have covered it during the training camp.

We can organise teams according to each cyclists’ pace. Or you can form your own team and join us for the training camp. More details to follow, but the outline as follows (based on the DC date of 26 November 2016 as per their office):

  • Monday 21 November 2016 – Arrive and prepare
  • Tuesday 22 November 2016 – Training day
  • Wednesday 23 November 2016 – Training day
  • Thursday 24 November 2016 – Training day
  • Friday 25 November 2016 – Final preparations and rest
  • Saturday 26 November 2016 – Race Day & Celebrate

Do you want to join us?

This is one of the biggest annual events in Swellendam and accommodation is booked well in advance, so don’t delay – contact us today to indicate your interest.

  • Carinus – (073) 981-8156
  • Nico – (079) 507-1231
  • TdB – (021) 865-2029
  • Or email

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Conclusion of the 2016 Tour

Our Tour started with a few famous word – “this will be your fastest Argus yet”. And it held true. We saw a number of personal bests yesterday. We didn’t have a crystal ball to predict the weather. But is wasn’t all about the weather. It was about the hard miles that you have put in during the week. Thanks to all participants in this years’ new-format Tour de Boland. The first of many. We have learned a lot. And enjoyed it even more. Here’s to next time.

Ps, if you have not yet rated your experience, please rate us now.

Thanks to those who made the Tour possible

  1. Carinus & Nico – for creating & organising the Tour
  2. Ludwich – the friendly boertjie at the water points
  3. Janine – always assisting with a smile
  4. Andrea & Rebekah – hard at work behind the scenes
  5. Kyle & George – your very qualified ride captains
  6. Daneel – for teaching us how to ride a bicycle
  7. Robert – for protecting us on the road
  8. Ebrahim – our medical expert

Including our sponsors and friends of the Tour

  1. Aramex – for assisting with logistics
  2. Enduren – for keeping the energy levels high
  3. Squirt – for keeping our chains lubed and bums protected
  4. Stellenbrau – for lifting our spirits after those long stages
  5. Courtneycap – for the planning and admin
  6. Bikehub – for spreading the word
  7. Wesgro – for helping to promote tourism
  8. Agua-e-vida – for keeping us hydrated en route
  9. Sluk-jou-woorde – for the woordfees wine
  10. Transformalife – for the excellent massage services
  11. activeXpress – paving the way for fitness assessments

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